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Folks, there is entirely too much information out there!

Back from a month-long hiatus, gathering loose ends, tying them up, cutting them off.

Here are some links to keep you busy, but watch this space for updated news shortly…

DIY Days
How do we sustain ourselves as storytellers in this day of shifting distribution systems? How do we monetize our work and get the word out? Presented by WorkBook Project – DIY DAYS aims to answer these questions with a day of panels, roundtable discussions and workshops: A look at how to fund, create, and distribute and sustain.

TARGET AUDIENCE Anyone wanting to make creative work – film, music, games, art. Self-identified Independent storytellers, Creatives and Tech-philes.

The Workbook Project
Our goal is to create a free resource for content creators that will become a user contributed repository of information. The concept is part of an “open source social experiment” called the workbook project. It’s a simple concept, the workbook is meant to be spread and edited. Meaning that content creators can add their own info, war stories, advice etc. We’re hoping that the workbook can grow as a resource. We’re building it with an open source “client side” wiki called tiddlywiki that can be saved to the desktop, edited and then uploaded again.

[Their description is deceptively simple. Visit their website to get your mind blown by information overload.]

Using Storybids’ powerful creative and auction house tools, you can sell your creative ideas to advertisers who want to place their products. You get your work noticed, the advertiser gets product placement and you get paid for your ideas. Pretty cool, huh?

IndieGoGo is an online social marketplace connecting filmmakers and fans to make independent film happen. The platform provides filmmakers the tools for project funding, recruiting, and promotion, while enabling the audience to discover and connect directly with filmmakers and the causes they support.

In Defense of Distraction
Twitter, Adderall, lifehacking, mindful jogging, power browsing, Obama’s BlackBerry, and the benefits of overstimulation.
by Sam Anderson

This week’s NYMag cover story.


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