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Twhirl is a new app that lets you manage multiple Twitter streams at once. For example, I have a personal Twitter account, and a group one that I contribute to.

I realize, for some people, this is already 2 Twitter accounts too many! But if you’re one of the vocal Twitter evangelists, you’re using Twhirl to manage multiple brands on Twitter, or ghost-tweet for any number of celebrities. Twhirl is for this kind of 21st-century-PR multi-tasking.

After two days using it, I’ve noticed a lot more random thoughts entering my brainspace. With Twhirl, tweets come and go like thought clouds. Bubbly boxes appear on the screen for a moment, just long enough for you to absorb the message before it disappears… only to be replaced by the next set of thoughts by semi-random Twitterers.

Public thought clouds can rapidly increase the “You learn something new every day” phenomenon. Followed by rapidly forgetting where I learned that something new….

Attribution, authorship, plagiarism, ethics — it makes anarchy look pretty tempting, huh? Ideas just want to be free!

(Will Twitter die before I finish this post? The next “killer app” is supposed to be video + Twitter. The frontrunner is Seesmic)


Written by @hellopanelo

April 21, 2009 at 7:34 pm

Posted in likeminds, storytelling

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