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Brand extensions for the common man

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celebrity, bottled and sold

celebrity, bottled and sold

Brand extensions are a natural for celebrities.

Britney has a fragrance, Puffy has a scent. Celebrity chef Rachael Ray sells santoku knives, EVOO (a Rachael-ism for Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and other kitchen products, including that infamous “garbage bowl” of hers. Jessica Simpson has literal brand extensions, a HairDo line of synthetic hair accessories.

But what about the common man or woman? How do we break into the market with our own product lines?

Breakout: Lauren Luke

user-generated content: packaged, branded, and sold

user-generated content: packaged, branded, and sold

Case study of a sell-sumer turned celebrity cosmetics purveyor:

Sometimes, you get discovered. Ad Age recently had an article on Lauren Luke, an unemployed single mother in the U.K. who started selling makeup on eBay, and then posting video tutorials of herself applying the makeup on YouTube.

Lauren’s video tutorials are amateur, unscripted and ad libbed, with a yapping dog in the background. This informal, no-frills approach to makeup application has brought more than 34 million visitors to her YouTube site. Eventually, the online attention brought her into a partnership with 1) a professional makeup manufacturer and 2) NYC ad firm Anomaly, who will help brand, market, and launch the new product line: By Lauren Luke.

Launch Your Line

Thoughtful bling by Furnish

Thoughtful bling by Furnish: do you have a better idea than foam jewelry?

What if you just want to get in the game now and partner with manufacturers and marketers immediately?

Lucky for you, this is the core business of Launch Your Line, a new turnkey service that lets people with a product line idea bring their vision to market faster. Their motto: “Start with a dream, end with a product line.”

Entrepreneurs sign up for free and get to line up all the business and service processes at once. A central “Dashboard” controls how you outsource processes like drafting, prototyping, production, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, distributing.

So there you have it. I expect to see some quirky brand name product line in the works from you budding entrepreneurs…


Written by @hellopanelo

April 15, 2009 at 1:08 pm

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  1. Absolutely love Lauren Lukes Make-up range…great girls too…adore her youtube tutorials..check them out if u haven’t :0)


    June 19, 2009 at 12:37 pm

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