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Facebook’s new TOS has everyone in a tizzy

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After their last fiascos with Beacon and social ads, Facebook is freaking everyone out again — this time with their new Terms of Service. New language in the TOS states Facebook can pretty much do whatever they like with your uploaded content, even if you choose to leave Facebook.

Consumerist has a great write-up of the story here.

I wonder which way the reaction will go on this one. The Beacon controversy prompted advocacy groups like to file complaints to the Federal Trade Commision. But many people just didn’t know, or care about Beacon. A cNet article quotes wise truth from a social media strategist:

“A lot of (young people) are totally willing to give up tons of privacy information for like, free crap.”

I’m not sure Facebook would use your photos for, say, launching the next ad campaign for Diet Sprite. They’d probably use it to promote Facebook and affiliate networks. This has happened to me before! I used to have a profile on the dating website Nerve. Next thing I knew, a friend in Texas said he saw my ad in the Austin Chronicle, a hardcopy alt-weekly newspaper. I was in a print ad for The Onion personals. They used my picture and a lame quote I used (“cynism is sexy; re-enchantment is sexier”) to promote their dating site. Apparently, The Onion and Nerve were both part of Spring Street Networks, a media company that owned a ton of online personal ad sites. I guess they decided to use all the free content to sell itself.

I didn’t mind this use of my image and words — maybe someone awesome in Texas would contact me? — but it does drive home the fact that the internet is essentially a free-for-all right now. Anything you upload could end up in the unlikeliest of places.

UPDATE: a good resource for 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know

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